Welcome to the Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee!

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For those in Louisiana concerned with the growth of the federal government beyond its constitutional boundaries, this is a home for you.  The Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee is dedicated to state and local action to protect Louisiana from further overreaches of the federal government.  The Committee further desires to protect local interests from encroachment upon their legitimate spheres of influence by inappropriate state actions.

I hope you will find the resources here to accomplish those goals and look forward to working with you to restore limited government in Washington, D. C., Baton Rouge, and in our respective parishes.

–Walt Garlington, LSSC Founder

Disclaimer: This is not a secession movement (. . . yet; there is a lot of merit in that idea, however).



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8 responses to “Welcome to the Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee!

  1. Cathy

    Unfortunately, organizing is not in our best interest now. With the media accusing us of being part of an angry mob and saying that we are organized and promoted by the far right, we should just show up at these “Town Hall” meetings with our hand painted signs. No, I’m not a tattle tale, running to let the WH know who is talking against health care or who is in favor of protesting. I’m a conservative libertarian, and I do want to join your organization, but now not. I was actually envious of Texas when they first started their Sovereignty status. There is definitely a place for this organization. Keep up the good fight.

  2. Juliana Kemp

    I have always read, with great interest and agreement, editorials written by Walt Garlington. I find this most recent one especially interesting as just days ago a friend and I exchanged e-mails of conflicting viewpoints concerning President Obama’s Healthcare plan–which she largely supports and I do not. In our last exchange, I made the statement that I would prefer to deal with issues on the state level and have very limited federal government involvement. As she is a resident of another state, I imagine she was somewhat amused, given our -what I hope is in the past – reputation for corruption, and I fully expect a rebuttal stating such. At any rate, I am very concerned for the direction our country is taking. If President Obama’s first days in office have served one good purpose, I hope it has been to awaken us to the necessity of taking steps to protect our freedoms by coming together as citizens of our respective states. I admit I have not yet read or investigated any of the material suggested by Mr. Garlington, but that is my intention. It would certainly seem the time has come to do everything in our power (as stated – not proposing seccession) to halt further encroachment by the federal government.

  3. NewOrleansPuma

    So happy to see this organization!
    All of you should know that on September 20 2009
    the central government i.e. that called federal but not…under the aegis of President Barack Obama will raise on the South Lawn of the White House the flag of the Communist Chinese country as an occasion to acknowledge that regime’s 60th anniversary…

    Now…who am I? ..a life long Jeffersonian Democrat..

    If you do not believe me regarding the above item..please google it …it is there…

    We ..the people..must regain the power that is ours under the 10th amendment…
    Raising of the Communist Chinese flag even as the central government continues to push the country into unredeemable debt to the Chinese
    Please do something about this…Is not our sovereign state better than this? Our not our freedoms worth more than this?…
    Email your Congress people..and demand to know what they intend to do about this action..and what can we here do to affirm that THIS SOVEREIGN STATE IS NOT IN SUPPORT OF SUCH OUTRAGE.

  4. Cajunpatriot

    I am libertarian member of the Louisiana Constitution Party and I am glad I found this organization. I am somewhat taken aback by the need to say up front that this is not a secessionist organization. If you take state sovereignty seriously then nullification and secession are both necessary tools for fighting federal tyranny. They are not the first option, but they are in the bag of tricks and should not be dismissed as illegitimate.

    With that said, it is great to see people rallying around the 10th amendment and the great Sovereign State of Louisiana!

    • Walt Garlington

      You are correct in saying that secession is a necessary tool for fighting federal tyranny. However, I do not believe we have reached the point of needing to separate from the Union – secession is a last resort. We have not had a serious nullification effort in this country in over 100 years. I say try nullification first. Judging by what is going on in state legislatures across the country with regard to federal laws on health care, firearms, REAL ID, the National Guard, etc., we appear to be witnessing the start of a revival of nullification, which can only be a good thing.

      Thanks for your comments (and for everyone’s input).

      Walt Garlington

  5. William Caplinger

    We really need to push Mary Landriue out. To accept 3 Billion dollars for a “vote buy” is unconstitutional. She says she is for the poeple of this state!!! We need to ban together and oust the politicians who find it in their mind to obsessively go against the wish’s of the people of this great country. Bill from Gretna LA

    • Deborah

      Lol! I’m from Gretna too, and cannot wait til the day I can vote against Landrieu! I vote independent and made the mistake of voting for her after she assured me she did not vote on party lines. I wanted to believe her….first and last mistake! I will put a sign on my lawn that says “Anybody BUT Landrieu!”

  6. Ralph Roshto

    I do NOT support any attempt for a nationalized identification card of ANY kind, such as S.1261, the PASS ID card. This would be used in the national health care system, which I also OPPOSE.

    Please give me something that I can SUPPORT, rather than a menagerie of socialist ideas that I am bound by the United States Constitution to OPPOSE. (Do you remember that you swore an oath in public to support and defend our Constitution?)

    Ralph Roshto
    63099 Fish Hatchery Road
    Lacombe, La 70445

    Let Freedom Reign

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