Government Officials’ Contact Information

1. To Look up Your State and Federal Representatives and Senators:

2. To Look up Members of the State House of Representatives by Parish:

3. To Look up Members of the State Senate by Parish:

4. If You Know Who Your State Legislators Are:

A. Louisiana House Contact Information –

B. Louisiana Senate Contact Information –

5. Louisiana Governor’s Contact Information:

A. E-mail –

To e-mail Gov. Jindal directly:

B. Phone – (225) 342-7015

6. Link to all Louisiana State Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch Offices and Officials:

7. United States President Contact Information (E-mail, Mail, and Phone Nos.):

8. Link to Lower Federal Courts:

9. Closest Thing to a Contact Page for the U. S. Supreme Court:

10. Link to the U. S. House of Representatives:

11. Link to the U. S. Senate:


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