No State Legislator Left Behind

I am excited to announce the start of the campaign to educate all of Louisiana’s state legislators about the concept of nullification. In the days ahead the LSSC in conjunction with other groups and individuals will send a copy of Dr. Thomas Woods’s latest book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century to every representative and senator in the Louisiana Legislature.

At the same time, we are resolved to sending a copy to the governor and other relevant state executives and to the justices of our state’s Supreme Court since these office holders can be (and often have been throughout the history of the United States) effective protectors of their states’ rights in the face of federal abuses of power.

Whenever a copy is ordered, please add the name of the official receiving the book to the Comments section so no money is wasted on multiple copies bought for one person.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you for all your help.

Walt Garlington


11 responses to “No State Legislator Left Behind

  1. Walt

    Rep. Samuel Little

    State Treasurer John Kennedy

  2. Walt

    Rep. Kay Katz

    Sen. Neil Riser

  3. Walt

    Rep. Richard Burford

  4. Walt

    Sen. Gerald Long

  5. Walt

    Rep. Timothy Burns

  6. Walt

    Rep. Patrick Cortez

  7. Walt

    Rep. George Cromer

  8. Walt

    Commissioner of Agriculture & Forestry Mike Strain (12 Oct.)

  9. Walt

    Rep. Noble Ellington

  10. Walt

    Rep. Frank Howard (13 Jan. 2011)

  11. Walt

    Rep. John LaBruzzo (24 Jan. 2011)

    Rep. Joseph Lopinto III (28 Jan. 2011)

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