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20 January 2011

With the start of the 2011 session of the Louisiana Legislature just a few months away (April 25th), it is time for us to get into gear. This promises to be a busy year for our legislators with a budget deficit to plug, the redistricting puzzle to solve, and re-election on their minds, among other things; it is imperative that we do all we can to keep states’ rights issues from being forgotten amid all this activity.

To that end, I have included a link to six bills that our legislators should pass this session to help restore the proper distribution of powers between Louisiana and the federal government.


The bills are pre-written, so very little work would be required of our reps and senators.

Please contact them as soon as you are able.


As the session draws nearer, we will need to follow up with them. I will send out a reminder at that time.

I would also like us to advocate for a Freedom to Farm bill and a Freedom to Drill bill in the future.

October 12, 2010

The EPA is preparing to hit our farms and ranches with some burdensome new rules. See below for the details. Please send La. Agricultural Commissioner Mike Strain the message pasted below. Subtract or add to it as you see fit. Comm. Strain’s e-mail address is commissioner@ldaf.state.la.us . If you prefer to call or write, go to the bottom of the following web page for the information you need:


Walt Garlington
Louisiana State Sovereignty Committee

Dear Commissioner Strain,

As you may be aware, the EPA is preparing new regulations for cattle ranches and farms that will impose heavy compliance costs that some may not be able to afford. The full story may be read here:


The federal government is nowhere authorised in the U.S. Constitution to issue such rules regarding ranching and farming. And the ‘rightful remedy’ to unconstitutional acts, according to Thomas Jefferson, is state nullification of those acts. For a brief introduction to nullification, please visit scholar and author Dr. Thomas Woods’s web site:


As the chief executive over Louisiana’s agricultural affairs, I ask you to extend the shield of our state government’s protection around our farmers and ranchers so that they will not be burdened by these new federal regulations.

There is no reason why Louisiana must allow unconstitutional federal rules to hurt our farmers and ranchers. Please resist this federal encroachment upon a policy area reserved to Louisiana and the other states.

If I may be of any assistance to you in this matter, please let me know.


September 1, 2010

Food Safety Modernization Act – Senate Bill 510

Yes, the federal government is hard at work again. This time they want to (over)regulate our farms, ranches, dairies, etc.

In addition to asking Senators Vitter and Landrieu to oppose this bill, the following senators need to hear from us as well: Mike Enzi (R-WY), Judd Gregg (R-NH), and Richard Burr (R-NC). These three are actually sponsoring this cursed proposal along with uber-liberals Dodd, Vilsack, and Durbin.

If conservatives/Republicans are looking for a way to eviscerate the momentum they’ve got going into November’s elections, allowing this bill to pass instead of filibustering it is an excellent way to do so.

Contact information for U.S. senators may be found at this address:


August 30, 2010

At this moment, the State of Texas is clashing with the EPA over the EPA’s arbitrary and unconstitutional changes to the Clean Air Act. (The EPA seems to have forgotten that Congress, not a department of the executive branch, writes our laws.) The whole story is here:


Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Chairman Bryan Shaw have in no uncertain terms told the EPA they will not comply with their illegal changes:

“On behalf of the State of Texas, we write to inform you that Texas has neither the authority nor the intention of interpreting, ignoring or amending its laws in order to compel the permitting of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Please write these men and encourage them to continue to stand against arbitrary rule-making by the federal government. Ask Gov. Jindal to support them also, and to protect Louisiana from a hyperactive, unrestrained EPA as they are doing. Contact information for all of these men is below.

Texas AG:
E-mail: mailto:greg.abbott@oag.state.tx.us
Other contact information:

Texas TCEQ Chairman:
E-mail: ac@tceq.state.tx.us
Other contact information: http://www.tceq.state.tx.us/about/directory/comm_directory.html

Gov. Jindal:
Web mail form – http://www.gov.la.gov/index.cfm?md=form&tmp=email_governor
To e-mail Gov. Jindal directly: bobby.jindal@la.gov
Phone – (225) 342-7015

August 17, 2010

Intolerance is not just part of al-Qaeda, it is part of Islam.

So says Andrew McCarthy in another revealing essay on Islam. You may read it here:


Also, there is good news regarding Louisiana and shari’a law. A bill passed during the 2010 session of the La. Legislature, now known as Act 714, aims to protect Louisiana’s courts from the influence of shari’a law. That story is here, courtesy of The Hayride (Act 714 is mentioned near the end of the article):


Please send a note to Rep. Wooton and Sen. Martiny, the primary forces behind this law, thanking them for being proactive with regard to shari’a and ask them to continue the defense of our civilization against such things. Links to their contact information is below:



July 24, 2010

Kevin Davis, Parish President of St. Tammany Parish, has given the U.S. an invaluable gift by showing that determined local and state officials can indeed successfully act to protect the citizens they represent from harmful federal measures.

“SLIDELL, La. — Simmering distrust on the oil-coated Louisiana coast boiled over Thursday as local officials in coastal parishes mounted an effort to stop the Coast Guard from moving protective boom and other equipment out of the way of an advancing tropical storm.

“St. Tammany Parish President Kevin Davis issued an executive order prohibiting the movement of any protective equipment without parish consent, said Suzanne Parsons, Davis’s spokeswoman.

“She said Davis spoke with Coast Guard Rear Adm. Paul Zukunft, the on-scene incident commander for the oil spill, on Thursday. “We have no confidence in what is going to happen,” she said. “We are going to have oil in the lake.”

“Parsons said Davis’ order carries the power of arrest and prosecution.”

Read more:

Please send a quick Thank You to Mr. Davis for standing with St. Tammany’s citizens rather than the technocrats of various federal agencies.


(985) 898-2362
(985) 898-5237 Fax

Gov. Jindal and other state and local officials could certainly learn from his example by acting on behalf of their citizens, not simply whimpering and whining about what the federal government is or isn’t doing.

July 19, 2010

Many of you are aware of the benefits awaiting the country should nullification be adopted by states across the U.S. (a limited federal government, local decision-making, more freedom, less uniformity), but before they can be obtained, a widespread demand must be generated among the citizens for nullification.

To that end, I have created a flyer that gives a brief overview of the concept of nullification. It may be downloaded for distribution here:


I have also had some flyers printed on nice glossy paper if anyone is interested in distributing those. (Or simply present the PDF to a local print shop to have it printed on the paper of your choice in the amount desired.)

Here are a few ideas on how to distribute the flyers to get your own creative processes going:

1.) If any of you are going to the Cajundome in Lafayette on July 21st for the End the Moratorium rally, take some to hand out there.
2.) Give some away at the next Tea Party rally in your area.
3.) Partner with stores, offices, churches, and other associations. See if they would allow you to place a stack of flyers by a cash register or at some other conspicuous spot for passers-by to take, free of charge.
4.) Mail (or e-mail) a flyer to some of your state officials – governor, attorney-general, legislators, judges, etc.
5.) Go door-to-door in your neighborhood.
6.) Place some on vehicles in a mall or grocery store parking lot.
7.) Mail or e-mail some copies to friends and relatives who live out-of-state. This is not merely a concern for Louisiana.

Thank you all for your help with educating the populace on this important constitutional concept.

July 8, 2010

There was good reason to be excited about Scott Brown’s election as U.S. senator for the state of Massachusetts earlier this year. Forty-one Republicans in the Senate meant an end to the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority and therefore an end to many of the damaging bills being proposed by the liberals – or so we thought.

Unfortunately, Sen. Brown is backing a terrible piece of legislation that he should be opposing – the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory reform bill. See here for some of the reasons that make it so awful:


Please contact Sen. Brown and ask him to oppose the liberals’ attempt to take over the financial/banking sector of our economy.

E-mail Form: http://scottbrown.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/contactme

Washington D.C. office
Phone: (202) 224-4543
Fax: (202) 228-2646

Boston office
Phone: (617) 565-3170
Fax: (617) 723-7325

–Immigration News–

It turns out that Arizona is NOT the first state to try to enforce federal immigration laws – Rhode Island has been at it for a while now. Why isn’t the Obama administration suing them? See the link for more.


July 4, 2010

Thomas Woods discusses his book Nullification with a typical mainstream media personality.

July 4, 2010

The federal government has taught us that we cannot rely simply on its division into three branches to stop abuses of federal power. That is why state nullification has become such a prominent subject today.

However, we must watch the state government as well lest it should exercise unconstitutional powers or otherwise behave inappropriately. But elections occur too infrequently and recalls are too difficult to accomplish to provide the necessary correction in a timely manner.

I therefore recommend that we all begin a statewide push to adopt amendments to our state constitution to allow for citizen initiatives and referendums. We have a long wait until the next legislative session, so we will have plenty of time to discuss the shape and substance of the necessary amendments. But we do need to begin that conversation and that planning & writing.

The initiative and referendum (I&R) provisions of other states may be looked up at this web site:


I recommend we all glance at them to help us to draft the I&R amendments that would best serve the citizens of Louisiana.

If for whatever reason we must look beyond the next legislative session to achieve this goal, we have hope there also. For 2011 is an election year for state legislators, governor, etc.: We would be able to secure pledges of support or opposition from the candidates running for office.

But in order to do that we need to start planning now. Please join with me in giving the citizens of Louisiana a powerful new check on their state government.


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